Maybe you’ve stopped by because you’re having a rough time. Life’s sucker punches can interfere with the peace of mind we all need in order to feel safe and strong and functioning at our best. Deep sadness and losses, rocky relationships, old patterns you can name but can’t seem to change, unwelcome anxieties and fears, old wounds—some struggles are too hard to handle alone.

At other times, you may find yourself curious, wanting a deeper exploration, more insight, a greater understanding of how you behave and react in the “here and now.”

My twenty-eight year practice combines many theories with a single goal; I want you to feel better in your life. For some, this means processing thoughts, feelings and behaviors; shifting so that you can bring more richness, more pleasure, more life into your life. For others, it is taking a longed for yet feared step. And, as we explore, along with all the rest, there can be play and laughter…did I forget to mention laughter?

Our time together will be collaborative whether it is short-term or long-term or personal coaching. I will work as your guide toward more satisfaction with who you are, what you want and how you relate to others.

West 69th St., New York, NY (646) 369-2989